My Work

Selection of work produced during my time at Univerity, to my current occupation:

IQPC Dream Bingo
Web Design/SEO
IQPC Bingo Galaxy
Web Design
CSS, Xhtml
Web Design for
Content Management
Javascript, CSS, Xhtml
Kolours Green Sun Home Improvements
2012 - presesnt
CSS, Xhtml
Sure Associates Recruitment
2006 - 08
CSS, Xhtml
Artwork Artwork
Adobe Photoshop
Cinema 4D
Hair Do! Graphic Design
Adobe Photoshop/
Banners and logos Logo Design
University University
Design and
IQPC are a worldwide organisation which provides business executives with tailored conferences. My responsibilities where to design and to update the company website with specific and new conference agendas, as shown above, I designed this for military focused executives.
In this example I redesigned the website to promote a conference based around coastal surveillance, so that the design fits within the companies corporate design guidelines, supported by using a content management system.
Kolours was an online children's model book. This was a big an interesting project and I designed the site using css and xhtml. This website was also protected by secure username and password security.
Sure Associates
Sure Associates, where a recruitment agency who required an online website to promote there business. Website was designed with css and flash.
I have a interest in designing artwork enlarged to canvas, made around manipulating objects in an abstract form using 3D design packages Cinema 4D and Photoshop CS3
Hair Do!
I was asked to create a short but quick flyer promotion for a mobile hair salon. I created this piece using Photoshop CS3 and illustrator CS3
I studied Design and Technology at University for 3 years, finishing with a 2.1. Essentially I was taught all areas of design from freehand drawing, web design and to full product design.
Dream Bingo
Dream Bingo is an online bingo website which is tailored for bingo enthusiast! My current work invloves maintaining the site, hand coding in css, and directing search engine optimisation for several keywords.
Bingo Galaxy
Bingo Galaxy is a bingo portal which I designed to display, reviews, scores and bingo promotions for online players. Bingo Galaxy was put together using Phtotshop, Fireworks, CSS and Flash